Migrating from Wizkunde WebSSO

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Posted: October 14, 2020

Over the last view weeks we have gotten a lot of questions about how to upgrade the old Wizkunde WebSSO extension now that Wizkunde is no longer existing. We wanted to reach out to you and give you an update and provide you the best way to receive the new GoGento version for your Magento platform.


Backwards compatibility with the Wizkunde WebSSO extension

The GoGento extension has been rewritten from the ground up and therefor its not a matter of replacing your old extension with the new one. The old extension was very dynamic and allowed customers to create a very generic SSO connection suitable for most identity providers with either SAML2 or OAuth2 as its protocol.

This solution caused a lot of support cases and often required a lot of help from us to get the SSO connection going, because it was quite a technical process.

We wanted to strongly simplify the way the integration was setup and still make it possible to customize the way the integration works without a lot of work. In this way we can both reduce the incoming support as simplify the codebase so that it does exactly what you need it to do without having to be a developer.


Choosing solution over the technical details

In the past customers had to know about the protocols used and such. However in the new situation, we got it all sorted for you. Our extension uses the right protocol and if possible, we choose the protocol thats available to your Identity Provider with the most features aswell as those which does not cause you to pay extra money on the identity provider side to get it working.

Therefor, we no longer offer our SSO extension in the way of a "SAML2" integration or a "OAuth2" integration, but provide a working, optimized end-solution.


Isnt this restricting the extension too much?

Definitely not because the new extension is just as expandable as the old extension, but in a smarter way. For those using the old extension, you have seen that you needed to setup a lot of different mappings and settings to make it work. In the new extension this is setup automatically and the extension is fully customizable by the use of nearly only XML changes.

You can still connect the extension to different identity providers by providing the right details on the website or store scope and if you have different type of identity providers, you can install our other extension versions without problems. They work perfectly together. Then you can configure them to work on the right scope.


Updates for the Wizkunde extension

The simple answer is no. We do not maintain the Wizkunde extension anymore and customers should be updating to the GoGento extension for their Identity Provider as soon as possible.


How to get the GoGento extension

Since our GoGento extension is built towards specific Identity Providers, we need to know what identity provider you are using and if its being used to provide SSO to the admin area or the frontend area. If you use multiple identity providers or multiple areas, we do need to see a little bit of proof because in the new extension, you purchase an extension for either the frontend or the admin. And customers already using a set of integrations, will be entitled to get those extensions available for free. But the default policy is to provide 1 new replacement extension.


The steps to get the new extension are:

  1. Create an account on our website and be sure to fill in all information including address and VAT number
  2. Go to your "My Support Requests" section
  3. Create a new support request to request an extension update
  4. In the support request provide your old order number, what identity provider you are using and what area you need it for (admin or frontend)

We will then connect the right extension to your account so that you can install it with composer