We're building state of the art Magento Extensions and solve complex support issues on a daily basis for a wide range of customers. We love E-Commerce and got over a decade of experience in just that. We put the expert in expertise.

Magento Ergo Sum

This is our slogan and it's not JUST a cool phrase. Why you ask? Because we love working with Magento. It's the reason of our existence and that's what our slogan means. Magento Ergo Sum means "Magento, Therefor i exist" in Latin. Aint that cool!</p><p>You will not find a company more proficient with the core of Magento 2 and therefor writing cleaner code.

Whats the swirly G in our logo?

Good question! This logo has sticked with us since 2013 when we were still called Wizkunde. Many of our customers might still recognize the almost identical logo we had.
We are an agile company.  The logo resembles a series of agile iterations evolving into completed building blocks all together looking like a gear to resemble a working system!

A phoenix rising from the ashes

We have been developing for Magento for a long time and started with Wizkunde as our first company to do this. The company became too inefficient and in 2020 we decided to burn Wizkunde to the ground and from the ashes, like a phoenix rise again, better, stronger and smarter. And its not just a rebrand. The website and all our extensions have been rewritten from the ground up to provide our customers with the best quality and service possible

General Infomation About Us

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of knowledge and speed to build solutions for problems with a high complexity. If your team is running out of ideas or if you expect a project to have a high amount of complexity, we are exactly theteam to make these projects cross the finishline. Doing just that, which others cant.Are you struggling to get your project worked out or are your developers incapable of finishing those tasks which seemed so easy at the start? We're here to help you progress and get revenue out of your webshop.

We're getting the job done

We know its important to finish what you start. We'll get it done, in time and properly. Period.

We solve complex issues, build fast solutions with proper communication

Integrating Magento since Day 

Ever since Magento started, we've been integrating their services with external services for a huge customer base

We are skilled Dutch developers and we build integrations with anything which allows to be integrated on a daily basis. Our integrations are both reliable and secure

Outstanding Support

Customers who work with us, would all agree. Our support is outstanding. Our company has focussed itself around good support

We are available by phone and chat 5 days a week and 7 Days a Week by email.

We offer a personal approach and we are skilled and motivated to take on your challenges.

Our Ten Commandments

  1. We shall get it done
  2. We shall get it done right
  3. We know what we're talking about
  4. We're responsible for what we do
  5. We take ownership of what we build
  6. We optimize our work environment so that we can enjoy every day as if its our first
  7. We service every customer as if they are our most important customer
  8. We respect our customers privacy and will never share details in between customers
  9. We deliver working, high quality solutions without compromises
  10. And above all, we are respectful, caring and friendly to both customers and employees.