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Smart Custom Options

Smart Custom Options

Add custom options to your products with a high amount of flexibility to create products you never would have imagined to be possible within Magento 2.

Smart Custom Options extends the existent Magento 2 Custom Options functionality and adds a whole bunch of features it, turning simple options into a swiss army knife.

You can now add custom options on every type of product, including the products which are children of other products. These options will only show if the customer has selected that specific child.

Add stylish options by using images and swatches instead of regular dropdowns to make the visual experience a lot better for the end customer.

Add conditions based on other options, to show"dependent" custom options. More examples follow in the description below.

Compatibility Details

Magento 2.4.X

Extension v1.2
Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^240.1"

Magento 2.3.X

Extension v1.0
Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^235.1"

Extremely feature rich custom options

Our extension is extremely feature rich which will make your product page not only look a lot better than that of your competitors, it will increase your revenue by allowing customers to actually see what they are buying, simplify the selections and allow you to sell heavily customizable products.

Add Custom Options to parents and children

You can add custom options to Configurable Products aswell as to the Simple Products which are attached to it. This will ensure that the custom options on the simple products are only visible when this product is selected. Any restrictions to the custom options will only apply if the options are in use so that you will not have to sacrifice any of the power which our extension has to offer.

Add Images and Swatches as custom options

Selling products online requires shop owners to spark the imagination of the customer. This can be done by making products as visual as possible. Our Smart Custom Options extension allows you to create stunning custom options using images, graphical color swatches or text swatches.

Add products as custom options

Magento already offers bundling of products on one product page out of the box with the Bundle and Grouped product solutions. Yet this solution with Smart Custom Options allows you to go far beyond the possibilities of default Bundle or Grouped products.

You can add a custom option with a selection of products, allowing the customer to select one or multiple products to add to his basket. This will give the customer the sense that he's actually ordering options to your product, while in your fullfillment, separate products can be shipped out.

These products can be shown and hidden dynamically depending on option selections, can be single or multiple selected and really integrate well in your product page.

In the situation on the right side, we would add other extensions to the same extension product for the customer to buy.

Add static products as custom options

You can also add products as custom options statically. The customer will not see options but instead will see the options as a list of features he is receiving together with this product. This will allow you to add products to the checkout which belong to the main product. Think about specific manuals, containers, chargers and such. These cannot be unselected by the customer but will end up as separate products in your order

Products Option Pricing

You can change the prices of the products on the custom option to what you need them to be. They can be completely different from the normal product price but will by default be filled in to the product price.

Installation Instructions

Click on the Installation tab on the left side to show the installation steps. These are also visible on your account page on our website

Creating custom option templates in your Magento 2 Backend

Reusable templates can be created in the backend simply by going to:

Catalog => GoGento Custom Options

Here you can define all the options for the template. When navigating to a product, you can then select the template type custom option and select the template you have created here.

Option Settings

Each option type has its own settings. Here you see the product option type where you can specify if a product is static (unchangeable).

Option Conditions

This will be shown in more detail in the section below, but you can add conditions to every option by unfolding the conditions setting and clicking Add Condition. It is wise to add tags to your options and your option lines because they are the easiest way to target a subset of options which need to apply. You can give certain items the same tags to simplify the application of conditions.

Template pricing

Templates need to be reusable and this means that products which use these templates need to be able to specify a multiplier for the price you have set in the template for an option.

If you create a template for a locker and the price needs to be multiplied by the amount of doors, in case you are selling locks and keys with your locker, you can easily specify this multiplier on the product custom option. Fill in "1" if the prices in the template are already correct.

Need Support?

Our extensions should always work properly out of the box. If you do have issues with our extension, feel free to contact us.

Development Support is always free and is prioritized in the following situations:

  1. Our extension is not working properly in the latest version of Magento.
  2. Our extension is not working properly in the last previous version of Magento.
  3. Our extension causes an issue but you dont understand what happens. Our initial research is free of charge.

Conflicts between our extension and other extensions or your theme is not part of the free support. If you require help with that, we will still be able to solve your issues. We will do an initial research and let you know what the costs will be to get this resolved.

Initial resource requires us to have access to a server where the issue is reproducible. We prefer access to a staging environment but if there's only one production environment, we will take all precautions to ensure your integrity is never compromised. Our support engineers are Linux experts, we assure you that we wont change anything in your environment and leave the environment in the state that it was when we got access.

Need Customizations?

There may be situations where the extension requires customizations for your specific case and we're always able to scope the customization for you and provide you with a quick indication of the costs involved.

We can also develop completely custom extensions or build integrations with external systems to automate your business.

No matter how hard the case seems, contact us and we'll take a look at the possibilities. Since asking never costs anything, why not give it a try?

Installation and Upgrade Details

We do not provide direct download links of our extensions as they are not needed and bad practise. Installing and maintaining the latest updates of your extensions using composer is the best and safest solution. If you do need a manual download, feel free to contact us for aid.

Installing an extension is the same process as upgrading an extension. You can run the exact same composer require command as you do with the installation with the new version set, to upgrade the extension

Step 1 - Setup composer authentication

To install our extensions you need to first setup the composer repository for your account.
You don't need to do this after every purchase, just after the very first purchase you make in our webshop. Your composer URL can be found in your account details and can be setup with composer by executing this command on your server in your Magento 2 root:

composer config repositories.gogento composer[your-composer-secret]

These instructions can also be found in your account details

Step 2 - Install the right version

Now find the closest version matching your Magento 2 installation and run the composer require command below.

Magento 2.4.X

Extension v1.2
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^240.1"

Magento 2.3.X

Extension v1.0
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^235.1"

Step 3 - Post Installation

After the extension installation you can proceed with the default deployment commands which are run after adding a new extension.

1. Upgrading the database schema

bin/magento setup:upgrade
2. Verify your deployment mode
bin/magento deploy:mode:show
3. Run if the above command returns "production"
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [your locales]
4. Wrap up the deployment
bin/magento index:reindex
bin/magento cache:clean

12-01-2021 10:52:57

v1.2 for Magento 2.4.0

Add database migration for Wizkunde SCO to GoGento SCO
Recommended Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^240.1"
Fixed Version Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "~240.1.2"

09-10-2020 09:50:03

v1.0 for Magento 2.3.5

Making the compat version for Magento 2.3.5
Recommended Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^235.1"
Fixed Version Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "~235.1.0"

09-10-2020 08:59:51

v1.0 for Magento 2.4.0

Readded before query plugin for now
Recommended Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^240.1"
Fixed Version Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "~240.1.0"

14-10-2020 07:31:10

v1.1 for Magento 2.4.0

Fixing the plugin
Recommended Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "^240.1"
Fixed Version Installation Instructions
composer require gogento/smart-custom-options "~240.1.1"

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