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If you were a Wizkunde customer and purchased one of our extensions before, do not worry. We promised a lifetime of support and that's exactly what we offer.

With letting go of Wizkunde, not only the name was let go but also the way of working we had, it costed us a lot of support hours to keep everything going and we wanted to improve this workflow with GoGento. Therefor we decided in GoGento the way of updating our extensions is fully with Composer and we do not work with direct downloads as this causes a endless stream of request for zipfiles.

Please follow the below steps to upgrade your extension to the GoGento version.


Step 1 - Create a new account on our website

To continue getting support from us for your older Wizkunde extensions, including an updated extension you need to create a new account on our website and fill in all the details.
Also fill in the address and TAX details because we need this to be able to create an order in the backend which will allow you to install the extension.

Step 2 - Fill in this request form to set us in motion

Make sure to fill in all the details in this requestform

Step 3 - Remove the old Wizkunde extension from your installation

It does not matter if you installed it with Composer or directly via a download, you need to remove the older Wizkunde extension from your installation

Step 4 - Install the new extension

Go to your account page on our website by clicking on the "My Account" link on the page footer. Go to "My Extensions" and follow the instructions which are setup there

Ensure you install the version which is compatible with your Magento 2 installation.