Full Service Magento Maintenance

comes with it properly. You might be too busy or don't have all the skills internally to do this properly. Once a webshop falls behind on updates, its often a lot more problematic to get it up to date again.

Therefor we offer a unique full service maintenance service where we maintain your Magento 2 webshop, keep it up to date and in line with your hosting. We optionally fully setup and maintain your own hosting server.

We will guarantee that the Magento 2 installation on your environment runs as smooth as possible given the capacity of the hosting environment in comparison with the traffic which is landing on your website.

Below is a description of our maintenance service tiers

Magento 2 Only

Magento updated to the latest release new releases are available

SUPEE patches applied weekly when they are released

Your extensions monthly updated to the latest version

Magento configured to use ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ and other services. Depends on if your host supports it

We do not maintain or install your hosting environment. You can purchase support separately to have this done incidently

Hosting Management Only

Your server is automatically kept up to date daily

Services to your hosting can be requested with a support ticket and will be added

Automatic deployment will be setup so that your changes are automatically deployed to the server without having to take additional steps

We require you to use version control for your webshop. You can provide a GIT repository or have us set one up free of charge.

We do not maintain or install your Magento 2 environment. You can purchase support separately to have this done incidently

Full Service

All services from the Magento 2 Only service

All services from the Hosting Only Service